Shooting with Kyran 2020-08-02


It must have been 10 years ago I met her for the first time in my studio, she came with some dancing colleagues and her Bharata Nathyem Guru, for a photo shoot to promote their upcoming show.

Kyran on April 17, 2011, with fellow dancers in a flower arrangement in the bodyNsoul Studio

Over the years a mutual respect and admiration grew. As we met on multiple occasions both for business unrelated to Dance and or Photography, on Social Events, and of course for Dance and Photography Projects. As such, last year I photographed the debut show of her Dance School Ti22, but that is worthy of its own blog entry eventually.

Kyran during a solo performance in her Dance school Ti22’s debut show “Around the World in 2 Hours” in november 2019 in Thalia Theater in Paramaribo.

For years we wanted to do a photoshoot together and this year partly thanks to the Covid -19 pandemic, we found the required time for a first shoot to co-create as independent artists.

Shooting in an uninhibited Street Style with Kyran in the bodyNsoul Studio during August 2020 photoshoot

The first three images of the shoot were published on my Instagram and Facebook profiles and can be seen hereunder.

Soon I will post more of this shoot to the Portfolio pages on this website